Terms of Service Crabion Srl

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1) GENERAL: All orders and contracts for the provision of services provided by CRABioN are governed, with full right, by these general conditions of supply that become an integral part of offers and contracts. Only these conditions will be applied with the exception of the different or additional conditions indicated in the orders or customer order confirmations. For all matters not expressly provided or envisaged here, the provisions of the Italian Civil Code and the laws of the Italian State will apply.

2) DELIVERY OF SERVICES: The CRABioN must use the methods, procedures, technologies, personnel and sources of information necessary and must use all reasonable competence, care and diligence in the provision of services in accordance with the terms of the contract. For the fulfillment of the tests requested by the client, unless otherwise indicated, CRABioN uses official methods provided for by current legislation, if available, leaving to the Technical Director's judgment any methods not included in the regulations.

The supply limits of the services will not be substantially modified by the client without the approval of the CRABioN. For some services it may be difficult to specify the precise nature of the activity requested before work commences. In the event that the CRABioN during the execution of the works, considers that a modification or a substantial addition is necessary to fulfill the contract, it will only give written or verbal communication to the client. CRABioN will not be responsible for the non-execution of the contract or for delay in performance if this results from a cause not attributable to it or due to lack of authorization and / or information from the customer.

2.a - Sample retention times after analysis - the samples will be retained by CRABioN for one month starting from the date of delivery of the test reports, unless the client requests it or the particular degradation index of the product.

2.b - Possible presence of the client for the execution of the analyzes - this clause will be applicable if the modalities are specified during the request by the customer.

3) CONFIDENTIALITY: All test reports, documents, investigations, opinions and any other document produced or used by CRABioN for the contract or for the sole use of the client, can not be disclosed to third parties without prior authorization from CRABioN and in any case they must expressly indicate the origin of the CRABioN. CRABioN undertakes not to disclose news and / or documents, which will be in possession during the execution of the contract, concerning the customer, without the authorization of the latter.

3.a - sending of documents and data - the test reports and the original documents will be sent by post and by fast courier or delivered by hand to the client. If possible, the delivery of these documents by fax will also be established. Upon request, specific test reports can be sent by e-mail in PDF or TIF format in conditions of security and confidentiality.

In the event of an explicit request by the customer for a partial submission of the data or during the verification phase, CRABioN will be able to send them by fax or e-mail with the words "re-proofable results by the laboratory".

4) PAYMENT CONDITIONS: Prices are based on the price lists, offers, exchange rates, rates and conditions of the taxes in force at the time the contract is concluded, with the right of withdrawal by the customer in the event of variations more than 20% of the total amount. Payments, except for different conditions indicated in the contract, are executed using methods and extensions subject to special agreements. In the event of delay in payment, the customer will pay CRABioN, from the time of expiry until the actual balance, the bank interest in force, over the entire sum due, plus surcharge for any expenses.

5) COMPLAINTS: The customer can raise complaints within 8 days from the communication of the service provided by CRABioN. All disputes of the service must be made in writing by registered mail a.r. considering the shipping date valid.

6) JURISDICTION: For any dispute that can not be solved amicably and / or through the establishment of an arbitration composed of qualified persons in the specific sector, chosen by mutual agreement between the contending parties, is recognized, on both sides, the exclusive competence of the Authority of Perugia.