Euromedica opens the sampling points in collaboration with Crabion, interview with dr. Giacomo Cascianelli

Infertility IS defined come the inability to have a child because AFTER years of unprotected intercourse. It estimated State That 12-15% of Italian couples in reproductive age Siano Affected by the Phenomenon. What couples are turning to the doctor or specialized centers for a request for assistance begin a journey that can last a Long And Provides A diagnostic phase and a phase of therapy, often a Stages. The diagnostic path targeting a check for the cause or causes infertility What damage and is a fundamental point to Draw A targeted therapy.

In recent decades, the incidence of cervical cancer has gradually reduced (-80%) in Italian women thanks to Pap testing, a test that allows the detection of precancerous lesions ( CIN 1, CIN2, CIN3) and to intervene long before they evolve into cancer, The Pap test is so, even today, the prevention method cancer ideal as simple, cheap and effective, The results of the Pap test is, in most cases, a confirmation of the good state of health ; given the presence of early cancer of the cervix alterations, even in the absence of symptoms, the Pap test allows early recognition, resulting in implementation of effective care and respectful anatomical and functional integrity and takes up a place of considerable importance also in tumor diagnosis.

It will be male or female? This is one of the first questions of the couple who has just learned to wait for a child. The answer to the question today can be given weeks earlier than possible with traditional diagnostic techniques. Until now, it was possible to determine the sex of the baby after a few months from conception through the morphological ultrasound. This procedure allows to highlight the sex of the fetus and is carried around the twentieth week of gestation, the period in which the genitals are now fully formed. This determination, however, is only possible if the position of the fetus allows.

The vast majority of serious traffic accidents and fatal accidents are due to a series of inappropriate behavior, mainly speeding, careless and dangerous driving, failure to comply with earlier or safe distance. Recent statistics show, moreover, that almost 50 % of fatal road accidents are caused from taking alcohol and drugs.
Even a small amount of these substances is sufficient to reduce glare, clouding the view, cause drowsiness. In this regard, in recent years, they were issued a set of rules that have as their objective the reduction of the number of traffic accidents and resulting casualties.

That of diets is a field where there is a variability of really great approaches. We all see how diets, even the most well-known and validated, act differently in different individuals: some people, while following the same diet, may have excess weight, some develop heart disease or allergies, others do not suffer any effect. It is known that some individuals suffer from hypertension despite follow low sodium diets, while others exhibit high levels of cholesterol also eating foods low in fat. Where does all this variability?