The analysis of free fetal DNA in Harmony Prenatal Test

The free DNA fragments (or cell-free DNA , cfDNA) are small fragments of DNA that circulate in the blood of every individual . During pregnancy they are found in the blood of pregnant women free DNA fragments that belong to both mother and fetus. you can analyze fetal free DNA to detect the most common trisomies and chromosomal abnormalities (for . eg Down syndrome, caused by fetal trisomy 21).

Roche, officer CRABioN partners, has developed an advanced genetic analysis technology to identify and quantify precisely the fragments of free fetal DNA in maternal blood being able to directly analyze the DNA free of the mother and the fetus. The analysis and quantification of these fragments you can search using a high sensitivity and specificity of any fetal aneuploidies chromosomes (trisomies and other abnormalities).