The prenatal screening tests

• Tests for the assessment of fetal chromosomal abnormalities in pregnant women
• The screening test still in use are safe but may present the percentage of false positives and false negatives that are not negligible.
• Invasive tests, on the contrary are very accurate but more 'expensive and carry a risk for the health of mother and fetus.
• The risks and limitations of these tests raise in the torque difficulty choosing the right tests and are a source of anxiety for many pregnant women.

A new option: the non-invasive prenatal test using fetal DNA circulating in maternal blood
From today there is 'Harmony prenatal tests: a test of maternal blood for the detection of the most' common fetal trisomies, which combines the accuracy of a DNA test with the security of a simple blood sample.

Who can 'be submitted to the test
Harmony prenatal tests and 'was developed in order to be carried out by all the pregnant women from the tenth week of gestation. The can 'run tests for pregnancies that come from a path IVF and ICSI, including both pregnancies with donor self than those with external donor to the couple.