Crabion Diagnostics


Crabion Diagnostics is a multi-specialized private medical center, authorized by the Umbria region, which brings together all the best of professionals and innovative diagnostic technologies, therapeutic dental and where to find and obtain solutions to problems related to your health. Inside a historic structure, comfortable and functional situated in the center of Gualdo Tadino, Crabion Diagnostics offers the possibility to use of diagnostic exams, specialist visits, dental clinic and a point withdrawals of high competence and professionalism.

Crabion Diagnostics also supports a professional staff of doctors and specialists in possession of specialization inherent in the specific clinical activity performed. All the activities of multi-specialized medical center are characterized by constant and close professional collaboration aimed at identifying and resolving a serious and professional approach to all the problems encountered in our patients. Crabion Diagnostics is able to meet all your need for wellness with short notice booking and intervention.




Medical Imaging
Thanks to modern equipment supplied, our center is able to offer a medical high tech Diagnostic Service with the ability to perform innovative tests with utmost professionalism.

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Specialist visits
Through collaboration with a full team of qualified specialists The Centre covers a wide range of specialist skills, all in a highly comfortable and equipped with the latest technologies.

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Sampling Point
You can make all kinds of samples in order to perform biochemical tests of blood, urine and hair both on adults than on children, the samples will be processed the same day.

The sampling point is active
from Monday to Saturday (07:30 - 10:30).
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Dental practice
We do not just apply a therapy, but we try to establish a relationship of quality between doctor and patient in which we inform you of any choice, always trying to earn your full confidence.
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Medical Center specialists

All medical staff visit by appointment
NeurologyUltrasoundElectromyographyOrthopedicsEndocrinologyGynecologyCardiologyDental Care
Neurology Visit specialist neurological
Doppler ultrasound of the neck vessels
Ultrasound Abdomen
Liver and biliary tract
muscle tendon
Skin and subcutaneous
Neck and thyroid
Visit specialist senologica.
Electromyography Electromyography upper limbs and/or lower
Orthopedics Visit orthopedic specialist
Drug treatment
Endocrinology Visit endocrinology specialist with ultrasound
Gynecology Visit specialist gynecological
Pap test
Cardiology Visit with electrocardiogram
Eco heart
Dott. Flavio Paoletti Dental implants
Children dentist
Dental implants
Fillings and reconstructions
Dental hygiene
Whitening teeth

For urgent calls: 329 7957072



Address and Contact

  • Address: Piazza Mazzini, 06023 Gualdo Tadino PG
  • Phone: 075 9471033
  • Fax: 075 7821584