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The laboratory Crabion

The Laboratory CRABioN Ltd. is one of Lab Medicine facility, which provides specialized clinical analysis for prevention, diagnosis and research. The company was founded in 2000 by the initiative of the two current partners Dott. Alessandro Floridi and Dr. Emanuela Floridi with the intention to create a structure capable of providing specialized control analyzes that they were different from the common reality in the territory. Collaboration with Public Institutions, Universities and Research Centres (National and International), have expanded and enriched expertise of the company, with the aim of offering a high quality service.

The CRABioN laboratory activities are:

Clinical Biochemistry Specialist
At CRABioN, you can also make use of clinical biochemistry service, providing specialized clinical analysis of high technological and professional content.
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Medical Genetics
Our laboratory uses DNA analysis techniques to identify and characterize numerous alterations Genome, both pre-natal and post-natal period. Patients will benefit from the advice of experts Geneticists.
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Molecular Biology
The end of the DNA analysis is more and more alongside the Classical Genetics in order to detect alterations of the genome linked to important diseases. Molecular Biology uses techniques that allow the analysis, manipulation, amplification (PCR) and cloning of nucleic acids.
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Forensic toxicology
The Laboratory CRABioN, performs analysis on different biological matrices for the determination of drugs of abuse with medical purposes according to the Legal Forensic Toxicology Guidelines GTFI December 2012.
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Clinical Toxicology and Occupational Medicine
Centro Ricerche CRABioN, through its organization and the scientific expertise of its employees, provides a valuable analytical support for occupational health.
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Clinical nutrition
The laboratory also has an outpatient clinic of Human Nutrition; patients will be able to advice from nutritional experts (physician and biologist) can offer multiple services.
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Responses in reduced times

Through the use of innovative equipment , our structure is able to guarantee short response times for all types of tests and the drawings made.

Qualified personnel

Our services are provided in accordance with safety and hygiene regulations and carried out by highly qualified and skilled personnel on all areas of clinical diagnostics.

Privacy of Patient

All sensitive data and the results of the analysis performed are guaranteed through storage specific procedures such as REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016

Online Reports

Possibility to receive the exam report even by e -mail provided by the patient at the time of sampling or through reports this area on our web site.

I nostri Partner

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